The Creators

Two women united in life, one flesh and blood, passionate creators, gentle enchantresses composed together Roos and Roos. A unique Niche perfume brand, anchored in the tradition, the family, the inheritance and transmission of the know-how.

ROOS & ROOS is a love story, based on trust , passion and complicity.

Two colourful personnalities with simple and true values, living in a vibrant and inspiring world.

Roos & Roos: one sings the other doesn’t

Throughout her career, Chantal Roos has been behind some of the most lingering sillages of the century – Opium, L’Eau d’lssey and Le Mâle, to name but a few. Her talent lay in entering the creator’s world, and expressing it. With Roos & Roos perfumes, she had to learn from a blank page: the one telling a fresh story every time.

Put onto the scent by her mother when she was very young, Alexandra Roos hit the right note in the world of music with four albums, songs written for her and others, before moving over to more scented harmonies.

The French know how

The french touch, a unique way to embrace the beauty, the exceptional, the femininity. Always envied, often copied, luxury is our culture.

The French touch according to Roos & Roos:

  • –  Arts and Crafts and a taste for the beautiful.

  • –  Grasse and the most noble and natural raw materials.

  • –  Love and Passion that are shared and transmitted, the inheritance.

  • –  A certain idea of freedom and hedonism, stylish yet casual universe, pleasure and escape up to the most exclusive perfumes. 

The Perfumer

Fabrice Pellegrin

Fabrice Pellegrin was born in 1969 in Grasse, from a perfumer father. He begun as a trainee perfumer at Robertet, where he learnt all the aspects of his future job.

Fabrice uses his life experience and encountersas an inspiration to enrich and forge his style, with a tendency for naturals and an “oriental” signature influenced by emblematic scents.

He has a preference for short, clear, crisp and well-structured formulas.

Today, he is a perfumer at Firmenich’s and still collects “niche” and rare perfumes. He’s signed all Dear Rose’s  fragrances.